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Risk of eviction for parents in college brings them to UMCM




Jeannie* and her husband were paying their rent with assistance from his VA-funded student loans and her federal student loans. Her husband’s VA-funded monthly payments were predicated on the number of days he attended school the previous month. The Christmas holidays cut the number of school days attended in December and in January of 2018 the couple received an amount that was much lower than usual.

In previous years, the landlord had been willing to take a partial payment for January’s rent allowing them to get caught up in February when Jeannie’s federal student loan payment arrived. However, this year, he unexpectedly told them that he was no longer willing to wait.

The couple was given a three-day notice, had nowhere to go and was unsure how to resolve this situation. Adding to the dilemma where their two children who would be uprooted not only from their home but possibly their school, their friends and everything they were used to in their young lives.

Jeannie came to UMCM Suncoast in January extremely upset at the prospect of the looming eviction.  

Housing Support Services director, Mike Pino, set up an interview with Jeannie in order to determine eligibility for assistance. The emergency financial assistance part of the overall Housing Program is to help families through a short-term crisis so they can stay in their homes and get back to their normal lives. In this case, it was determined that all Jeannie and her family needed was a one-time financial assistance so they could pay their rent and keep their family intact in their home.

After checking on Jeannie earlier this month, Mike found out that the family is doing well, both parents are still in school and working to achieve the American Dream of an education, a job and a place to forever call “home.”

Like Jeannie, there are many others who just need someone to believe in them and provide hope and a future. Donate today and help a family like Jeannie’s to become self-sufficient members of our community.

*Names were changed to protect the identity of our clients.